Rhythm HA!!! lyrics

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Rhythm HA!!!

Yeah ah, Baby-J, Jewelry I’m Ready, Let’s Party, Let’s GO!!

Yo!! In this moment, I’m the best, I’ve invited you to this music as the guest
Rhythm and Beat and Drum and Bass, I play with them however I want, I’m the ace
It keeps running, my rap race, believe in me, keep the faith

I’m JJ Baby-J, don’t do anything else and focus on me
You’ll see and you’ll hear, every single day, got it? Hey you, hey hey
Aren’t you curious what kind of music it is? I have so much to show you from now on
You’ll clearly fall into each and every song from track 1

More than anyone else, I’m on top, more than anyone else, I’m so hot
I don’t wanna stop, don’t don’t stop, everyone together, yo yo let’s rock
My level is different, I have a different feel
I’ve become a bit more perfect, now I’m a lady

It’s Like That Like That, I’m so proud of myself
For not losing the music, for enjoying this moment

It’s Like That Like That, I’m so relieved
That I can let you listen to this, that I can show you myself like this

Ah Baby-J!! Ha Ha!! I’m Out!!


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Rhythm HA!!!


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