Senseless Person / Childlike (철부지) lyrics

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John Park

Senseless Person / Childlike (철부지)

After standing in front of a tightly shut door for a long time
I turned my footsteps around and walked away
I bit my lips and promised myself several times but
I couldn’t hold in my flowing tears too

* Trying to love you was wrong
I am a fool, who didn’t know my place
Compared to you, who is surrounded by high walls
I’m a senseless person, who doesn’t have anything

The word “love” was so sweet
That I believed it would shine forever
But after the dream-like, heart fluttering days were over
Only my gaunt self remained

* Repeat

No matter how much I climbed, the sand hill kept flowing down
As I struggled with my knees sinking in – how did I look then?

* Repeat

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Senseless Person / Childlike (철부지)
John Park


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