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Jun.K (2PM)

No Love

It’s okay, breaking up is like a period mark
It’s okay, it ends anyway when you walk by yourself
It’s okay

Father in heaven
I can’t be hurt like this every time
This is my tearful prayer

There is something I have to say
Something, something I gotta say

Drop that beat

Baby, was it a dream?
When I looked at you, my heart was about to explode, about to melt
I didn’t want to wake up

Baby when I’m looking back
You know you were all I had
You said you’d protect me and stay by my side
So I won’t collapse after a hard day
Such typical lies

What is love what is love
It’s nothing, it goes back to you again
No Love No Love No Love

Woo, your voice, woo woo, your smile
Woo, your sweet scent
My heart has lost its way, it has gotten drunk
No Love No Love No Love Oooh

(Don’t go) saying don’t go (it was only those words)
Our love was too good
(Now) I can’t go back, can’t turn things back
Regrets remain and I hate myself for being like this
So I deceive myself and inside my memories that I held in
I call out to you, I call out to you again, I call out to you again

Baby, even if I go back in time, my heart will go to you
I would love you but don’t know how to do it
I can’t stop my heart
Although I know I’ll be strengthlessly cast aside

What is love what is love
It’s nothing, it goes back to you again
No Love No Love No Love

Woo, your hair, woo woo, as you brush it back
Woo, you looked at me and smiled
I still can’t forget, my heart has crumbled
No Love No Love No Love oooh

Love is bad, good bye good bye
Only memories remain, good bye, good bye

Even if you throw away us, it’s okay

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No Love
Jun.K (2PM)


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