Flower (꽃) lyrics

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Flower (꽃)

Take my hand
You know I’m here with you
Say my name
Cuz lies can’t kill the truth

It’s burning up
The truths hidden in lies
It’s being silenced
All the dreams broken on the small lips

Nobody can help me
Take me out from the rotten memories

Come take my hand
Come take my hand
Drench my dried up heart

Come take my hand
Till the end
So I can live for you again
Please take my

The cruelly trampled flower
Looks like love is pain
Like broken wings

The countless scars that imprison me
They’re like sad thorns that dig into me

Come take my hand
Come take my hand
Drench my dried up heart

Come take my hand
Till the end
So I can live for you again
Please take my

It’s all right
Take my hand
In this arrogant world, even mistakes become big sins
Don’t cry
You’ve become the world’s hot topic then you turn into ash
Then they take away each piece of you
Your life Your soul Your world
They cannot kill it
Look at me, I’ve died but I opened my eyes again, I killed it
The darkness swallowed me but now I’m swallowing you
Piercing through the storm of snow
A deeply rooted flower blossoms
This is the truth
It may seem like it’s all over
There wasn’t a single door in this world that smothered you
Everyone goes through this
I tell you it’s okay
Even if it’s a small light, the darkness can’t swallow it

Come take my hand (Just take my hand)
Come take my hand (Uh uh uh)
Drench my dried up heart
(Cuz love is pain like a candle in the rain)

Come take my hand (Take My Hand)
Till the end (Till The End)
So I can live for you again

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Flower (꽃)


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