Attention (차렷) lyrics

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Attention (차렷)

Attention, at ease Attention, at ease
At ease, attention
Don’t think of useless things and pay attention
Attention, at ease Attention, at ease
At ease, attention
Don’t move a bit – stay in place, attention

Give up halfway, care about other’s eyes
Cry at the slightest things, complaining like a little child
Every night, prepare to go out
But ending up only shyly dancing
Can’t even play however you want
Lost your focus because of momentary pleasure?
Your thoughts were immature? You’re still not there yet
An empty show-off? You’re not that great
There’s a lot of people who try
But only one who succeeds
Hidden under the shadow of competition
Thousands of people can’t see the light
A half-assed attitude? That won’t work at all
Adolescent masturbation is done now
It’s time to be an adult now
Don’t think of pointless things and get your job done well

You’re occupation is a student but you’re too busy playing and education comes last
But you can’t even go till the end, you tire easily
That uncomfortable feeling of sinning and making mistakes
It makes your head hurt and you’re about to lose your mind
The reality that’s neither this nor that
Even in that, you can’t pay attention and have an unbalanced diet
You’re just bulky and have no sense
What you need is to be a hard worker
On long days, you complain about the drinking location
I pity you, who just complains all th etime
Alway about the same things everyday – so pathetic
There’s no fun or interest – just stop it
Again today, your excuse is that you’re busy
It’s okay but the world will not accept you as easily
If you can’t change, you can’t avoid it
The beggar-like troubles

You just think you’re stuck because you can’t see the light
You tell a lie saying that you can’t do anything yourself
You just give cowardly excuses – chose well for your future

Family background, education – you have everything yo uneed
But what you want is to escape your daily routine
Like a melo movie, a sweet kiss with a strange woman
A glittering youth, a shining future?
But the present is just pleasure –
That’s always the free will of a person
Younger people, older people, juniors, seniors
Decide what you want to be among those people

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Attention (차렷)


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