My Love lyrics

Kim Kyu Jong (SS501)

My Love

Show me love

I like you even to your last footstep
I like you from your head to your toe
The preparation is already perfect
I am a better man, a better man

* The hot dance floor- yeah
Hold my hand (don’t block me, don’t)
Underneath the darkened lights
Shine that great magic, yeah

** My love, who burns me up- my baby
My love, even if I can’t I want to be on you
If I say it, I will- there is no regret
uh oh oh, uh oh oh oh

If we’re together, you will know
My love, because I will go to the end with you
My love, tell me what you want
My love, my love

A perfect scenario in my head
There’s no use in blocking me several times
Just put down your guard and trust me
I’m here, a better man, a better man

* repeat

** repeat

*** My Love, I don’t want to let you go, my baby
My love, don’t play it so hard
The fireworks are erupting, there are no regrets
uh oh oh, uh oh oh oh

Yes, my love is my everything
All the guys ask me,
From your name and everything
It’s not easy, you’re on a different level
All the guys are behind over there
I will be waiting right here
You are my queen, I only want you
My love, my love,
You are shining

** repeat

*** repeat

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My Love
Kim Kyu Jong (SS501)


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