Thank You (고마워) lyrics

Kim Kyu Jong (SS501)

Thank You (고마워)

Back then, I just liked to sing, I just got excited on stage
So I started each day, embracing my nervous fluttering

That day, we were so great and you all were so pretty
I still can’t forget that day from deep within my heart

* You might get tired sometimes in this busy time
I got tired sometimes during this busy time
Each time, you watched over me
So I will sing this song for you

** Thank you, I’m happy
I have you all, who look at me and smile
Thank you, I’m happy
You’re more precious to me than anything else
Thank you, I’m happy
I won’t forget you for a long time and cherish you
I love you, I love you, this song is for you

Now whenever it rains, I smile because I think of our memories
Who says that rain looks sad? Because rain holds so many memories for me

The times you and I spent togehter, the times you and I will spend together
I can’t change it with anything else – listen, let me be the one

* Repeat

** Repeat

Even if time passes, you fill up my heart
Even if there are no traces, you fill me up
Remember when I say let’s grow old together
Remember when I say let’s cherish the memories together

** Repeat

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Thank You (고마워)
Kim Kyu Jong (SS501)


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