김경희 (Kim Kyung Hee) – And I’m here - Goblin OST Part 11 lyrics

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김경희 (Kim Kyung Hee) – And I’m here - Goblin OST Part 11

And I’m here just
just like I used to be
We were here in old days
with you with me
All my fears have gone
when you whisper to me
No matter how
near or far apart apart
When you feel so lonely
Have you completely erased me
I’ll be here to shelter you
from your memories from yours
When you feel so lonely
While I still feel your breeze
I’ll be here here for you
holding your hands again
holding your hands
If I could fly above the clouds
like all the birds
And I could hold you for a while
to let you feel my pulse
Still here all alone
My whole life
and all my heart
You’re my whole life
and all my heart
And I’m here home home
With you With me

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