Happy Birthday To You lyrics

Kim Yun Woo

Happy Birthday To You

It’s been raining all day
When it’s your long-awaited birthday
We were so happy a year ago
Your pretty smile that seemed like it would be forever
I know I can’t ever see it again

Happy Birthday to you – are words I can’t tell you now
I can’t even give you a small gift
Oh Happy birthday to you-
I bid you happiness from afar

I think of you more today
The day we broke down, the day we broke up
Exactly one year ago, today
Your pretty lips that said “let’s stop”
I know I can’t ever see it again

Are you okay?
Please don’t be hurt anymore

Happy Birthday to you
You’re probably a lot happier with another person
Happy birthday to you
On a good day like this, please don’t think of me
I bid you happiness
Happy birthday to you

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Happy Birthday To You
Kim Yun Woo


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