Crazy (미쳐) lyrics

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Lee Hyori

Crazy (미쳐)

Typical story, typical song about a man leaving and a girl crying
I promised that I’d never sing about that
But why am I crying over a guy right now?
I’m such a pitiful loser, someone please stop me

* I am going crazy because of you
So crazy, what to do baby?
At this rate, I am going to be screwed up
Crazy, but I didn’t know when you were by my side, baby
At this rate, I think I will wither up and die

If someone goes, someone always came, men always overlap
It was glamorous but I was always lonely
But why did I change after meeting you? It’s too much
It’s awkward and strage, someone please help me

* Repeat

Oh my, Hyori, why do you like that guy so much?
Is he that great? Let me see him, let me
Oh my, oh my, it’s a hallelujah

You, you – a guy who only gave love and left
You, you – a guy who tumbled up my heart
You, you – a guy who I want so much
Woo yeah woo

After losing you, I’m going crazy, only mending the barn^
Come back to me baby, at this rate, I won’t ever love again
The scars, the scars remaining in me are so painful, baby
Come back to me, love me

Crazy (I’m crazy, out of my mind!) crazy baby
Because of you, because of you, because of you, I’m going crazy

^From the Korean saying, “mend the barn after the horse is stolen.”

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Crazy (미쳐)
Lee Hyori


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