Virginia 歌詞 (lyrics)

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  2. play_circle_outline Lost Serenade
  3. play_circle_outline 笑忘歌
  4. play_circle_outline Virginia
  5. play_circle_outline OAOA (現在就是永遠)
  6. play_circle_outline Little Tremors
  7. play_circle_outline 如煙
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  9. play_circle_outline 輕功 (甜蜜碎拍Remix)
  10. play_circle_outline 突然好想你
  11. play_circle_outline The Laundromat
  12. play_circle_outline Old Blood
  13. play_circle_outline Running Away
  14. play_circle_outline Lone Star
  15. play_circle_outline 輕功 (京片子版)
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  17. play_circle_outline 噢買尬
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  19. play_circle_outline 入陣曲
  20. play_circle_outline 後青春期的詩
  21. play_circle_outline 爆肝
  22. Pelf-Help
  23. play_circle_outline 生存以上 生活以下
  24. play_circle_outline 你不是真正的快樂
  25. play_circle_outline 寂寞星球
  26. play_circle_outline 我心中尚未崩壞的地方
  27. play_circle_outline 2012
  28. play_circle_outline 年輕就要對味
  29. play_circle_outline 夜訪吸血鬼
  30. play_circle_outline 春天的吶喊
  31. play_circle_outline 出頭天
  32. 凡人歌 (Fan Ren Ge) (Song of Ordinary People)

五月天 (Mayday)

You & me love we're naked like two jaybirds
Bathing just north of the nearest border town
We flew out of Georgia when the first shots were fired
Never no never to look back again
We dropped the transmission outside of Buffalo
And then set the old beater to flames
And continued our way by many trainrides
As far as our saving would allow
Virginia lets get away from here
Virginia it's a sorrowful state of affairs
The whole town turned on us I swear
It's like nothing that I've ever seen
In support of a warring regime
Politics, they never were my strongest suit
Religion I left behind as a boy
Signing never came too easy love
But Virginia I fell for you in an awful way
Ain't nothing in my life hit me so naturally
Like a hammer you fell from the sky
And knocked me right out of my plans for war
I left those evil intentions behind
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五月天 (Mayday)


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