It’s War (전쟁이야) lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Mirror
  2. play_circle_outline Stop Saying It’s Alright
  3. play_circle_outline You Ain’t Know
  4. play_circle_outline Spring, Summer, Fall And…
  5. play_circle_outline Monster
  6. play_circle_outline Because There Are Two
  7. play_circle_outline Key
  8. play_circle_outline 12 Months
  9. play_circle_outline Be A Man
  10. play_circle_outline Our Relationship
  11. play_circle_outline Gone
  12. play_circle_outline Pray
  13. play_circle_outline I Don’t Know
  14. play_circle_outline No Love
  15. play_circle_outline Tonight
  16. Dress Up
  17. play_circle_outline Pretty Girl
  18. Celebrate
  19. play_circle_outline Sexy Beat
  20. play_circle_outline Smoky Girl
  21. play_circle_outline Foolish Me
  22. play_circle_outline Winter Rain
  23. play_circle_outline Run
  24. play_circle_outline It’s War (전쟁이야)
  25. play_circle_outline Hello My EX
  26. play_circle_outline Mona Lisa (모나리자)
  27. play_circle_outline 100%
  28. play_circle_outline Beautiful (사랑이 온다)
  29. play_circle_outline Rust (녹)
  30. play_circle_outline Spring, Summer, Fall And… (봄 여름 가을 그리고…)
  31. play_circle_outline Hey U
  32. play_circle_outline 12 Months (12개월)
  33. R U OK?
  34. play_circle_outline Our Relationship (우리 사이)
  35. play_circle_outline Pray (기도)
  36. play_circle_outline Pretty Girl (소녀)
  37. play_circle_outline Mirror (거울)
  38. play_circle_outline Key (열쇠)
  39. play_circle_outline White Forever
  40. play_circle_outline Tonight (오늘밤) We Got Married Global Edition OST
  41. play_circle_outline Hey! Come On (너 이리와)
  42. play_circle_outline She’s Breathtaking (아찔한 그녀)
  43. play_circle_outline Be A Man (남자답게)
  44. play_circle_outline Because There Are Two (둘이라서)
  45. play_circle_outline Scribbles (낙서)
  46. play_circle_outline Tree (나무)
  47. play_circle_outline I Know U Want Me
  48. play_circle_outline The Place You Left (니가 떠난 그 자리) Mourning Grave OST


It’s War (전쟁이야)

Shut up, I don’t even wanna hear it
Beg until your tears dry up
I will see the end of this, just watch
You messed with the wrong person

We were in love and I only had her
But why, why did you touch my girl – no way

I brush myself off and get up
As much as I suffered, you just watch
You mess with love, you mess with friendship – just watch

Just at the thought of you, my body shakes
I can’t forgive you – from now on –

It’s war, you coward – just watch
You made her cry again
You coward, you, who messed with my love
It’s war

On the day she left, you pretended not to know and told me to forget it all
I trusted you, you were my friend – how could you do this to me
I will curse you from now on

Will you please shut that dirty mouth
I will give back these painful tears to you
Engrave this in your ear – I will never leave you alone

You probably knew that I would find out sometime
I can’t forgive you – from now on –

* It’s war, you coward – just watch
You made her cry again
You coward, you just watch – you made her cry again
(Don’t you cry cry cry) She’s crying because of you again
(She said bye bye bye bye bye) It’s all over now
(Don’t you cry cry cry)
You, who messed with my love – It’s war

* repeat

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It’s War (전쟁이야)


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