Fallen Blossoms (낙화) lyrics


Fallen Blossoms (낙화)

* Scream At The Top Of Their Lungs
I See The Bright Lights This Is The High Life
We Do It For Everybody Aim For The Stars Just Like A Pilot
All Of Us Flying So Here We Go

I close my eyes and bite down hard
Hold back the tears, just one more, it’s okay
Now I have no freedom with this poor heart huh
I lay down the burden that was heavy till now
You left and went too far away
It’s A Lie Dear God, did it have to be her?
I can’t believe I can only see that bright smile that appeared whenever, wherever, through a picture
My trembling breath and my tightly clenched fists
Life is so hard but why do things so easily come and go?
Do you know my heart? There are so many useless words, just ban all of it
Yes, don’t say anything today, blue sky, please hold her

** Yeah I Wanna See You Love Again
Nothing is different from yesterday
I can’t believe that you are not here when I’m still here
Yeah I wanna See You Love Again
There’s nothing different about today
I can’t believe that you are not here now – why you?

* Repeat

Why did you leave me here at such a young age, you left in the morning
I remember you – my heart and head, why did it have to be you?
I don’t know, this street without you is strange to me
I still remember your words, actions and face
Yeah, this isn’t where I’m supposed to be, your spot is right next to me
Your smile in the picture and the habit of calling you everyday
What else is left? The last text, everything is a familiar trace that you left behind
This flow for you, this isn’t it, I’m suffocating, asleep or awake
Just come back to me, I’ll be better, two times more, no, however many more times possible

** Repeat

* Repeat

White ash in a tomb – a human turns into dust in a single day
I remember the first greeting I said to you “I missed you”
They are conversations only spoken in dreams
Let’s hold hands and go together, there’s still so much to show you
My teeth still hurt, what am I trying to hold back?
The scent that came from you numbs my nose
The world is cruel for everyone who lost you
Why did you leave without a word? I ask myself
The number stopped at 26, in two years, I’ll be the oppa
It hurts a lot, the opposing wind is blowing, is it you?
I keep relating you to things that don’t make sense
It’s hard to believe but it’s the truth that my exhausted body speaks
Goodbye my dear, put on your wings and fly wherever
Where are the gods? They shouldn’t have done this
Don’t take away my precious things, give it back to me

Everyday Everywhere Everytime
I’m sorry I couldn’t treat you better
The damn day of April 5 that is always filled with regret
Three flowers are planted in the hearts of M.I.B.

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Fallen Blossoms (낙화)


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