Come Over (놀러와) lyrics

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miss A

Come Over (놀러와)

Do you wanna come over today?
No one is home, uh oh
Do you wanna have a talk, just you and me?
A little closer

We can see the stars all through the night
The dreams you’ve been having might come true

Baby tonight, come tonight
It’s not that late, I’ll be waiting for you
Baby tonight, come tonight
Today is the day, come on over

So it’s gonna be alright
So it’s gonna be you & I
So it’s gonna be

Do you wanna come over today?
I’m scared to be alone
Do you wanna make a story about just you and me?
A little more honestly

We can see the stars all through the night
It’s time for your hidden dreams to be spread out

Hey, boy, tonight is the night, come over, come over
Hey, boy, tonight is the night, let’s talk about our love
You’re the first person I’m inviting like this
I’m not saying we should do anything special
It’s a long night and my heart is trembling, why don’t you come to me?

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Come Over (놀러와)
miss A


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