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miss A

Love Is U

All of my memories with you
Love is true, love is U

That night, we gave each other scars with painful words (and I’m cryin)
Because of my foolish pride, I couldn’t hold onto you (I can’t do)

I say you
I turn around and call out to you but you’re already far away
I see you
When I see you getting faint, only tears come

Happy days with you
Love is true, love is U
I want to go back to them, you

Love is U, Love is U
Lovey lovey lovey oh oh oh oh U
Love is U

I love U. Love is U
Lovey lovey lovey oh oh oh oh U
Love is U

When my phone rings late at night, I get excited because it might be you (and I’m cryin)
On my way back home, I looked around to see if you were there (yes, I do)

I see you
In order to forget you, I tried to erase all the pictures I took with you
I tried getting closer to other guys too
No no, but I’ll wait for you, I don’t need another love
I imagine you coming back to me soon

On the darkened street, rain drops fall
For a moment, you come before my eyes

All of my memories with you
Love is true, love is U

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Love Is U
miss A


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