Spotlight lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Bad Girl Good Girl
  2. play_circle_outline Only You
  3. play_circle_outline Hush
  4. play_circle_outline Time’s Up
  5. play_circle_outline Madness
  6. play_circle_outline If I Were A Boy
  7. play_circle_outline Ma Style
  8. play_circle_outline I Don’t Need A Man
  9. play_circle_outline Over U
  10. play_circle_outline Good Bye Baby
  11. play_circle_outline A -Stuck
  12. play_circle_outline Only You (다른 남자 말고 너)
  13. play_circle_outline Break It
  14. play_circle_outline I Caught Ya
  15. play_circle_outline One Step (한걸음)
  16. play_circle_outline No Mercy
  17. play_circle_outline Melt (녹아)
  18. play_circle_outline Blankly (멍하니)
  19. Why Am I Like This? (왜이럴까) The Time We Were Not In Love OST
  20. play_circle_outline I Don’t Need A Man (남자 없이 잘 살아)
  21. play_circle_outline Spotlight
  22. play_circle_outline Turn On That Music DJ (그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ)
  23. play_circle_outline Come Over (놀러와)
  24. play_circle_outline Like U
  25. play_circle_outline Mr. Johnny
  26. play_circle_outline Touch
  27. play_circle_outline Rock N Rule
  28. play_circle_outline Love Song
  29. play_circle_outline One Summer Night (Temptation OST)
  30. play_circle_outline One To Ten (하나부터 열까지)
  31. play_circle_outline Hide & Sick
  32. play_circle_outline (Mama) I’m Good
  33. play_circle_outline Help Me
  34. play_circle_outline Lips
  35. play_circle_outline Love Again (다시 사랑)
  36. play_circle_outline Love Is U
  37. play_circle_outline Step Up

miss A


Hey boy, you look a bit different today
You look good today, I like it
Hey there, you might think that you’re not good enough
But that’s not true
You can try to hide but you can’t be hidden
Look into my eyes like that

Spotlight, those people still don’t know
Even if you get worried and nervous that they’ll look at us strange, it’s okay
Shine out, my light only shines on you, I know even if you don’t say it
You’re smiling right now, now come to me

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Gimme my Gimme my baby Gimme my Gimme my baby

Hey boy, roll up your sleeves a little
Your shirt is slightly unbuttoned and your shoes are pretty
Hey girls, your shocked faces are so obvious, what’s up with that

I can try to explain you but you can’t be explained
Look into my eyes like that

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, you know how my heart is
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

You came to me like a scene from a movie
My face is turning red but I can’t take my eyes off of you
I try to pretend like nothing’s wrong and laugh it off
But I almost faint when I hear that you only want me

I’m thinking of us (us)
This hollywood love (love)
Every single day (day)
Caught up in my brain (brain)
What you waiting for?
It’s you that I adore
Boy, all I need’s your body and your soul
You hear?

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Gimme my Gimme my baby Gimme my Gimme my baby

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miss A


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