Break Up Gift (이별선물) lyrics

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Break Up Gift (이별선물)

I have a gift for you
I went to the shoe store
I bought the shoes that you wanted
And wrote you a letter

I didn’t know I’d say these words to you
I won’t say that I’m sorry now
I won’t do things to hurt you now
After today, just live as if nothing happened

I hope you’ll be happy
The person to be by your side
Who will make you smile
The person who will love you

Though I won’t be that person
You will be loved
The person who only gave you scars
You can forget me, just take the memories

A day passes and as if nothing happened
I want to go back to the days without you
But again today, I am walking in place like a habit

When I open my eyes, I’m on the street we walked together
I don’t want to let you go, I don’t want to lose you
But why are you trying to leave me?

I’m sorry
Now I’ll say those words
As if nothing happened
Come back to me

I just need you
The person who will protect me
Who will always make me smile
The person who I miss

Even if it’s not you
I will just move on
The one person I long for
I can’t forget as I live in the memories

(I will let you go )
(I wont let you go)
(I will let you go never never)
I hope you’ll be happy

(I will let you go)
(I won’t let you go)
(I will let you go never never)

The person who will make you smile
The person who will always love you
I wanted to remain as that person till the end

Because my tears dried
I thought I would be okay
Never never never cry
But after letting you go
What do I do when I start to miss you?

Even with our break up, there’s nothing I can do for you
Because I’m a coward who can’t ask you to stay

Forgive me, I love you, I love you

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Break Up Gift (이별선물)


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