Haven lyrics

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  2. play_circle_outline White Night
  3. play_circle_outline Words You Shouldn’t Believe
  4. play_circle_outline Four Times Around the Sun (지구가 태양을 네 번)
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  7. play_circle_outline Haven
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  25. play_circle_outline Words You Shouldn’t Believe (믿어선 안될 말)
  26. play_circle_outline What Does My Heart Become (내 마음이 뭐가 돼)
  27. 그리워하려고 해
  28. play_circle_outline Broken (부서진)



Don’t cry over me.

I know it’s a dark cave and even though it’s far from heaven
Maybe this could be my haven.

Don’t cry over me.

I know it hurts you when I fucking shiver
Well, trust me I was such a strong believer
But what’s the point of searching for that halo
My eyes are blinded and my heart is shallow.

It’s getting worse and worse as I think deeper
It’s just like staring at a burning river
Well, now it’s time stop. Just pull the trigger
I want to end it all. I wanted over.

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