A Little Bit More (조금만) lyrics

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A Little Bit More (조금만)

You appeared in my dream last night again
And you made me cry so sadly
When I opened my eyes, I see a spot on my pillow
That is stained with tears

Are you well?
You’re not sick anywhere, right?
Because of my worries, I can’t fall asleep peacefully for a single night
Do you know about my heart like this?

* Wait just a little bit more
Until I go back to your side
If you miss me too much and it’s too hard
Come to me secretly
And lean on my shoulder for a moment

The day you left me
Your birthday – I can’t forget these days
When those un-erasable days come
I float up a hidden picture of you in the corner of my heart

* Repeat

If only I can see you just one time
Then my tears would stop
I don’t cry

I love you, only you
Some day, I will see you again
I love you, I’ll cherish you forever
Even if you long for me
Wait for me just a little bit more

I’m sorry I could not protect you

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A Little Bit More (조금만)


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