Hello (여보세요) lyrics

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  24. play_circle_outline Hello (여보세요)
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  32. play_circle_outline Love You More (조금 더 사랑할게)
  33. play_circle_outline A Little Bit More (조금만)
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  35. play_circle_outline Happy Birthday (생일 축하해요)


Hello (여보세요)

Did you eat?
Where are you, what are you doing?
Because I’m worried about you
Tell me baby where you at
Call me baby I be there
Wherever you are I be there
Pick up the phone girl
Cuz I gotta be there

Is there traffic? You’re running late (because of your impatient heart)
I guess you forgot your battery (I thought something else)
It seemed like it would rain so at the end of a dilemma,
I went out earlier to pick you up because I wanted to see you faster

You’ll probably be surprised when you see me (you’ll like it)
In order to not miss each other (I should run faster)
I see you from far away but
When I called you, why did I say –

* Hello, did you get?
Where are you, what are you doing? I’m worried
Hello, why aren’t you saying anything?
Hello, hello?

I came to pick you up in case it rained
In case you would have to walk alone in the rain
I’m in front of your house, I see you – I guess you’re with someone
But actually, I couldn’t say those things in case I lost you

I know that my actions are cowardly
Even if you make fun of me by saying I’m a coward, I can’t go
Do you know how I feel?
Why is my way to you like the way to hell?
This doesn’t make sense
I’m the one who comforted your loneliness
Hurry and tell me please, that there’s nothing going on between you two
Why can’t it be me? Please say something

What are you doing over there right now?
I’m staring at you blankly from far away right now
Can’t you feel me?
Say the words you want to say tomorrow
Tell me that you’re sorry tomorrow
Where do you keep looking? This is the place you should be

* Repeat

I want to see you because it’s raining (because it’s raining)
Because I’m walking on the street I walked with you (because I feel like dying)
I’m in front of your house, I miss you but I guess you don’t (I miss you)
Actually, I’m going crazy – I guess I can’t go on if it’s not you

Baby I can’t let you go (did you eat?)
I only think about you girl
What would I be without you girl (where are you, what are you doing?)
Don’t tell me lies, Don’t say goodbye
I just wanna let you know (why aren’t you saying anything?)
I only think about you girl
What would I be without you girl
What would I be without you girl


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Hello (여보세요)


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