Not Over You lyrics

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  34. play_circle_outline Not Over You
  35. play_circle_outline Happy Birthday (생일 축하해요)


Not Over You

No, what are these tears that I don’t know the meaning of?
I try to brush it off but they keep falling yeah
When I’m going to meet you for the first time in a while oh

You may be over me but I’m not over you
How can I forget you that easily? It’s still really hard
Even if a long time passed
The reality was just the same
We used to be one – I want you back

* We’re still the same
Your smile that looks at me is the same
I guess my heart only knows you
Look how it’s racing at the sight of you
It feels like my breath will stop
My tears are rising and it hurts
More than any lie in this world,
Saying that I completely forgot you is the worst

I can’t get over you
Girl just come back to me
You’re the only one

Step Back
You can’t approach me yet
I used to hate you because I was sad yeah
I need to erase all the bad memories oh

I’m sorry, I couldn’t feel this when I was with you
But I’m so lonely – hundreds and thousands of times
At the end of each day, I think of you all night
You revolve inside my head and I get lost in it alone
Wanna make it right, back to the way beginning
It probably can’t be as I say
I need you with me, definitely
I’ll never let you go

* Repeat

I can’t let you go like this
I can’t say goodbye for a second time
I will find love – I earnestly wanted only you

We had the same love
We live in the same memories
I guess my heart only loves you
Look how it’s racing at the sight of you

Come back to me my girl
You and I are one till the end
I’ll find the love that I saved till the end for yo
Come back to me again oh baby I’m not over you

Woo Still Loving You


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Not Over You


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