Sleep Talk (잠꼬대) lyrics

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Sleep Talk (잠꼬대)

What time is it right now? Is this a dream or real life?
A sketch in my head, I drew her out all night

I keep going backwards, going backwards from reality
When I approach her, I keep going to a different world

* I wonder about this vague riddle
What’s wrong with me? I want to tell her, like a man
The secret that only I know in my dreams
I invite her in and tell her my hidden feelings, say

** This doesn’t make sense
She’s smiling right in front of me right now
She appears when I go to sleep, she disappears when I awake
I want to hold onto her, say
I want to confess, confess, confess, confess but I sleep talk
Even when I wake up, I’m saying her name
Talk talk talk talk sleep talk
I’m going to go meet her, I’m sleepy again

Where are you? Do you know my heart?
You don’t even know how I’m burning up inside

I can’t escape from this spell of not being able to talk to you
It’s the complete opposite in my dreams
Now, I just become ice

* Repeat

** Repeat

Ay yo! NU’EST is back on a duble-kick track
Make some noise

** Repeat

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Sleep Talk (잠꼬대)


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