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I represent not only the hip-hop of Hongdae but of Korea
My history is evidence of my skills and true worth
If the standard of dividing the fake and the real in the world
Is success, I only believe in my choices
I came this far – since I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen
You watched over me, the young poet with a growing dream
Family, friends, fans, it’s time to smile now
Don’t lose hope, please keep your faith
When you miss me, turn up my music loudly
There were times when I was negligent but actually, I cried a lot alone
As I age, it’s harder for me to show it
Though my sincerity doesn’t touch you, it lingers on the outside
Life is an endless fight with loneliness
Exhausted from that fight is me and you, who is so like me
But we overcame and we just need to keep overcoming
This game isn’t about enduring but it’s about watching over it

* Incredible winner’s flow
All the losers go dig a hole
Prayers, pray that the truth won’t collapse
Incredible winner’s flow
All the losers go dig a hole
Savior, watch over me so I won’t collapse
I still run this city
Run run this city
Still run this city
Run run this city
Celebration whether it’s on the streets or in the club
The filled up shotglases for me and my brothers, throw it up

I spent my fiery twenties for music
Even though I don’t appear on broadcast, I lead this generation
All those who believed and watched over me,
The way I can prove that your choice wasn’t wrong is my victory
My heart that sang the glory song is beating still
Youth 365 – I’m a flower that blooms in dirt
Because it’s an opportunity given by God, as always, I trust in God
I go back a long way hilite now back to my home
Along with hate, I receive expectations
Through a venomous hate, I saw my future
I change the flow with those who have vision
If you don’t know this game for mature people, then shut up
Are we the torch to reveal this world?
Or is this just a repetition of an array of words
Can anyone other than me produce my voice?
Who can dare to steal my name from history?

* repeat

What I have isn’t a home on a good piece of land but it’s rhythm
This rhythm is my only faith
This faith is my one and only joy
This joy is money that’s why I’m still spittin this flow
I ignore things that people tell me to do and just protect my stubbornness
No matter how much bait they toss, I ain’t givin em love
Just hate it or love it – no matter what anyone says, I walk this path
Even if I live my way, I will win
That’s because I never pretended to have it all
Though I never learned, never pretended to know it all
From the first step, I start properly
In any situation, I’m never falling behind
I’mma be right there 365 i’m out chyeah
Relax your neck and come – boy u ain’t come around here
It’s the mister p and urs truly gonzo
Hilite and illionaire we do it cuz

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