BOM BOM BOM (봄 봄 봄) lyrics

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  35. Egoist / 이기주의보 (English Ver.)
  36. Suddenly/ 문득 (Chinese Ver.)
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Roy Kim

BOM BOM BOM (봄 봄 봄)

Spring, spring, spring, spring has come
With that scent of when we first met
The tree next to the bench that you sat on is still there
I thought I’d forget about it as time went by but
Even as I said that, I knew it wouldn’t happen

* My dear, I knew right away when I first saw you
My dear, be with me before this spring ends

Once again, spring, spring has come
After the winter of heartbreak without you had passed
I sit on this bench and reminisce like cherry blossoms blooming
There are times when feelings grow dull
But now I finally realize that even those times are part of love

* Repeat

Let’s stop holding back, let’s not hesitate any longer
I’ll push back the painful days and tell you now

* Repeat

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BOM BOM BOM (봄 봄 봄)
Roy Kim


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