Far Away (멀어졌죠) lyrics

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  26. play_circle_outline Far Away (멀어졌죠)
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  32. Pretty You (예뻐서 그래)
  33. 근데 넌 (By the Way)
  34. play_circle_outline 너에겐 져버릴 거야 Ft.Kim Sun Jae (김선재)
  35. Egoist / 이기주의보 (English Ver.)
  36. Suddenly/ 문득 (Chinese Ver.)
  37. play_circle_outline Roy Kim – Starlight - The King in Love OST Part 1

Roy Kim

Far Away (멀어졌죠)

Anyone can see that it’s my fault
I hoped you would accept it as my mistake
I believed this was something everyone goes through
But you cried and I cried
We cried, we got far away

It was so good back then
I couldn’t sleep at thoughts of seeing you
The wind and the sun were so warm back then
But you cried and I cried
We cried, we got far away

Drinking in the air that prevents me from escaping the memories and passing by that street
I look for your scent in people’s words and seeing people who talk like you makes me cry

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Far Away (멀어졌죠)
Roy Kim


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