But I Love U lyrics

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  49. For You


But I Love U

It’s just us two but why can’t I feel anything?
We’re kissing but why can’t I feel anything?
I’m ready to do anything for you
But what do I do if your heart is already turned off?

I told you it comes later for women
I told you love is a bit slow
Who’s the one who made me like this?
So where do you think you’re going?

Oh I love you
Don’t go, missing you
My heart is dropping down
I can’t go on if it’s not you
Oh I hate you
But I’m missing you
Tears burst out again
Don’t leave me

I’m sick of you running and me chasing
It’s always the same result, I’m the one miserably alone
When I’m obviously sleeping, you get drunk and call me again
And like a fool, I’m picking up that call again

After feeling the love you gave me
I felt happiness for the first time
So how can I love without you?
Please don’t leave me

Oh I love you
Don’t go, missing you
My heart is dropping down
I can’t go on if it’s not you
Oh I hate you
But I’m missing you
Tears burst out again
Don’t leave me

You said you always thought of me
And that you’d do anything for me
You said let’s love
As if today is the last day

Oh I love you
Come back, missing you
I hate you for leaving me
But I still love you although I hate you

Oh I want you
Till the end, missing you
You’re all I have, you’re my everything, come back
Come back to me

I love you
Don’t go, missing you

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But I Love U


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