No Mercy lyrics

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  2. play_circle_outline Hold On Tight
  3. play_circle_outline I Swear
  4. play_circle_outline Sunshine
  5. play_circle_outline Ok Go!
  6. play_circle_outline But I Love You
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  8. play_circle_outline Wow
  9. play_circle_outline Touch My Body
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  11. play_circle_outline If You Want
  12. play_circle_outline Hey You
  13. play_circle_outline Crying
  14. play_circle_outline A Week
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  18. play_circle_outline Miss Sistar
  19. play_circle_outline Give It To Me
  20. play_circle_outline Wow (Intro)
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  22. play_circle_outline Ma Boy
  23. play_circle_outline Loving U
  24. play_circle_outline Up And Down (핑글핑글)
  25. play_circle_outline Gone Not Around Any Longer (있다 없으니까)
  26. play_circle_outline Lead Me
  27. play_circle_outline A Week (일주일)
  28. play_circle_outline Bad Boy (바빠)
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  30. play_circle_outline New World
  31. play_circle_outline Follow Me
  32. play_circle_outline Hot Place (Feat. Brave Sound)
  33. play_circle_outline If U Want
  34. play_circle_outline SimSim (심심할때만)
  35. play_circle_outline But I Love U
  36. play_circle_outline No Mercy
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  38. play_circle_outline Girls On Top
  39. play_circle_outline My Life (Infinite Challenge)
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  41. play_circle_outline Let’s Get The Party Started
  42. play_circle_outline Good Time
  43. play_circle_outline Holiday
  44. play_circle_outline Over
  45. play_circle_outline Alone (나 혼자서)
  46. play_circle_outline Go Up
  47. play_circle_outline One More Day (ft.Giorgio Moroder)
  48. play_circle_outline Lonely
  49. For You


No Mercy

Oh we back yeah, SISTAR
Stop making it so obvious that you’re a good-for-nothing
Just quietly turn back, you’d better go
Like this, you’re not in my heart

These days, all you say is sorry
Then why do you do things that make you sorry?
Oh I can’t know you, I can’t stop, now I don’t know

Oh even if you’re so sorry
You’re still with those other girls oh my god
Stop, bad boy oh, stop, bad boy, I’m getting tired

* The more I see you, you are crazy
Even if you cry and cling on, it’s over
Oh no oh oh, oh no oh oh, oh no, oh
I didn’t know you’d play so cheap
I tried to let you go but you’re wrong for me
Oh no oh oh, oh no oh oh, oh no, oh

Sometimes, you coax me with expensive perfume
You shyly confessed to me too
Like that, you were in my heart

Oh but you use those skillful words
With other girls oh my god
Stop, bad boy oh, stop, bad boy, I’m getting tired

* Repeat

Turn back boy and go, we back girls let’s go
Turn back boy and go, we back girls Sistar
Do you know who I am? Stop with the idle talk
You’re wrong for me, it’s over – you just back and go

* Repeat

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No Mercy


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