Stay lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Over The Rainbow
  2. play_circle_outline I Got A Boy
  3. play_circle_outline Be Happy
  4. play_circle_outline Mr.Mr.
  5. play_circle_outline Hoot
  6. play_circle_outline 1,2 Step
  7. play_circle_outline Beautiful Girls
  8. play_circle_outline Divine
  9. play_circle_outline Talk To Me
  10. play_circle_outline Star
  11. play_circle_outline Boys & Girls
  12. play_circle_outline Lazy Girl (Dolce Far Niente)
  13. play_circle_outline Into The New World
  14. play_circle_outline Telepathy
  15. play_circle_outline Honey
  16. play_circle_outline Tell Me Your Wish
  17. play_circle_outline Mr Taxi
  18. play_circle_outline Day By Day
  19. play_circle_outline Oh My Love
  20. play_circle_outline Stick Wit U
  21. play_circle_outline Tears
  22. play_circle_outline Girls' Generation
  23. play_circle_outline Girls Generation
  24. play_circle_outline Forever
  25. play_circle_outline Sweet Talking Baby
  26. play_circle_outline THE GREAT ESCAPE
  27. play_circle_outline Hoot
  28. play_circle_outline I'm In Love With The HERO
  29. play_circle_outline MR.TAXI
  30. play_circle_outline Gee
  31. play_circle_outline you aholic
  33. play_circle_outline GENIE
  34. play_circle_outline BAD GIRL
  35. play_circle_outline Run Devil Run
  36. play_circle_outline Beautiful Stranger
  37. play_circle_outline Let It Rain
  38. play_circle_outline Oh!
  39. play_circle_outline You Think
  40. play_circle_outline Bump It
  41. play_circle_outline Paradise
  42. play_circle_outline Green Light
  43. play_circle_outline Fire Alarm
  44. play_circle_outline Lion Heart
  45. play_circle_outline Check
  46. play_circle_outline Party
  47. play_circle_outline Girls
  48. play_circle_outline Catch Me If You Can
  49. play_circle_outline EYES
  50. play_circle_outline Only U
  51. play_circle_outline Stay
  52. play_circle_outline Adrenaline
  53. play_circle_outline Holler
  54. play_circle_outline Whisper
  55. play_circle_outline Indestructible
  56. play_circle_outline Mr.Mr. (Japanese Ver.)
  57. play_circle_outline Soul
  58. play_circle_outline Back Hug
  59. Wait A Minute
  60. play_circle_outline Europa
  61. play_circle_outline Goodbye
  62. play_circle_outline Mr.Mr.
  63. Karma Butterfly
  64. play_circle_outline Lips
  65. play_circle_outline Everyday Love
  66. play_circle_outline Motorcycle
  67. Gossip Girls
  68. play_circle_outline Flyers
  69. play_circle_outline Find Your Soul
  70. play_circle_outline My Oh My
  71. play_circle_outline Do The Catwalk
  72. play_circle_outline Galaxy Supernova
  73. play_circle_outline Lingua Franca
  74. play_circle_outline Love & Girls
  75. play_circle_outline Romantic St.
  76. play_circle_outline XYZ
  77. play_circle_outline Look At Me
  78. play_circle_outline Lost In Love
  79. play_circle_outline Express 999
  80. play_circle_outline Promise
  81. play_circle_outline Talk Talk
  82. play_circle_outline Baby Maybe
  83. play_circle_outline I Got A Boy
  84. play_circle_outline Dancing Queen
  85. play_circle_outline Boomerang
  86. play_circle_outline Stay Girls
  87. Reflection
  88. play_circle_outline Girls & Peace
  89. play_circle_outline T.O.P
  90. I’m A Diamond
  91. play_circle_outline Not Alone
  92. play_circle_outline Animal
  93. play_circle_outline Beep Beep
  94. play_circle_outline Flower Power
  95. play_circle_outline All My Love Is For You
  96. play_circle_outline Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝) No Breathing OST
  97. play_circle_outline The Boys
  98. play_circle_outline Mr. Taxi
  99. play_circle_outline Fire Alarm
  100. play_circle_outline Dancing Queen
  101. play_circle_outline Express 999
  102. Wait A Minute
  103. play_circle_outline Trick
  104. play_circle_outline Look At Me
  105. play_circle_outline Show Girls
  106. Soul
  107. play_circle_outline You Think
  108. play_circle_outline Girls
  109. play_circle_outline Oscar
  110. play_circle_outline Bling Star (블링스타) No Breathing OST
  111. play_circle_outline Green Light
  112. play_circle_outline You-aholic
  113. play_circle_outline Lion Heart
  114. play_circle_outline Catch Me If You Can
  115. play_circle_outline Promise
  116. Romantic St. (낭만길)
  117. play_circle_outline I Got A Boy
  118. play_circle_outline Europa (유로파)
  119. play_circle_outline Talk Talk
  120. play_circle_outline Paparazzi
  121. play_circle_outline Baby Maybe
  122. play_circle_outline XYZ
  123. play_circle_outline Say Yes
  124. play_circle_outline Telepathy (텔레파시)
  125. The Heart’s Way (마음길) The King’s Dream OST
  126. play_circle_outline Goodbye
  127. play_circle_outline Top Secret
  128. play_circle_outline Mr.Mr
  129. play_circle_outline Paradise
  130. play_circle_outline My J
  131. play_circle_outline Lost In Love (유리아이)
  132. play_circle_outline Sunflower (제자리걸음)
  133. play_circle_outline Lazy Girl (Dolce Far Niente)
  134. play_circle_outline Bump It (예감)
  135. Check
  136. play_circle_outline Vitamin
  137. play_circle_outline Talk Talk (말해봐)
  138. play_circle_outline Sign
  139. play_circle_outline Party
  140. Back Hug (백허그)
  141. play_circle_outline How Great Is Your Love (봄날)
  142. play_circle_outline One Afternoon (어떤 오후)
  143. play_circle_outline Bad Girl

SNSD Girls' Generation



Saeparan haneure ppuryeojin baramui mellodi
Balkkeuchi bichige tumyeonghan badaui mulbichi
Machi kkumcheoreom nunbusyeoseo neol hyanghae dorabomyeon
Neon mollae nae ppyame surprise kiss nalligon utji

Ganbam ssodajin yuseongbie heungbunhan neoui moksoriga gwiyeowoseo
Bulkkotnorireul seonmulhalge urin i sungane

Stay! Jeo taeyang sogeseo stay! Padoreul tago nora
Stay! Sigani meomchwobeorin nagwoncheoreom
Stay! Tteollineun nunbiche stay! Chaoreun sarang soge
Stay! Nae gyeote isseojullae jigeumcheoreom

Nega johahaneun meotjin scenery
Summer time fireworks on the beach with me
Sangsangmaneurodo joha simjangi ttwieo wow!
Eodideun let’s go go go maeumi kkeullineun daero
You know it! So let me see you show it!

Heumppeok naerineun sonagie sini nan uri jeormeun nareul chukbokhalkka
Dalkomhan janeul nopi deulgo hwanhohan i sungan

Stay! Jeo taeyang sogeseo stay! Padoreul tago nora
Stay! Sigani meomchwobeorin nagwoncheoreom
Stay! Tteollineun nunbiche stay! Chaoreun sarang soge
Stay! Nae gyeote isseojullae jigeumcheoreom

Neowa naega kkumkkudeon woo wo sigani areumdaun geol uh wo

Stay challanhan yeoreuma stay bitnaneun sunganmada stay sojunghi gaseum soge ganjikhalge

Stay! Jeo taeyang sogeseo
Stay! Pureun dalbit araeseo
Stay! Yeongwonhi kkeuchi eomneun yaksokcheoreom
Stay! Tteollineun nunbiche
Stay! Chaoreun sarangmankeum
Stay! Nae gyeote isseojullae jigeumcheoreom

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SNSD Girls' Generation


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    The melody of the wind is scattered all over the blue sky
    The ocean is so clear that I can see my feet
    When I look at you, it’s dazzling as if it’s a dream
    You plant a surprise kiss on my cheek and smile

    Your excited voice over the meteor shower was so cute
    I’ll give you some fireworks, right now

    Stay, in the sun, stay, let’s play in the waves
    Stay, like paradise frozen in time
    Stay, in your trembling eyes, stay, in the rising love
    Stay, stay by my side, just like now

    The beautiful scenery that you like
    Summer time fireworks on the beach with me
    Just thinking about it makes me happy, my heart races, wow
    Wherever, let’s go go go, wherever our hearts take us
    You know it! So let me see you show it!

    We’re so excited about the rain shower that blesses our youthful days
    We raise up our sweet glasses and yell shouts of joy

    The times that we dreamed about are so beautiful

    Stay, bright summer, stay, each shining moment
    Stay, I’ll cherish it in my heart

    Stay, in the sun
    Stay, under the blue moonlight
    Stay, like an endless promise
    Stay, in your trembling eyes
    Stay, in the rising love
    Stay, stay by my side, just like now