Bye lyrics

Taeyeon (SNSD)



Budi haengbokhagil
Eonjena geudaeneun bichinaneun saramigireul

Misoro annyeong
Jogeumdeo (Gongkkaneunsori) ijeneun annyeong

Jalga uri ije annyeong
Naesarang nae sojunghan sarama

Haessalcheoreom tteugeopgeman
Nal anajun geudaeyo

Du nun gadeukhi neolbomyeo annyeong
Hwanhage useumyeon o~ annyeong

Jalga sojunghan sarama
Areumdapge banjjagimyeo nal bijwojun geudaeyeo

Annyeong naesarang
Neolbomyeo annyeong
Jogeumdeo neol bomyeo

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    Please be happy.
    I hope that you will always be someone who shines brightly.

    Saying goodbye with a smile
    A little more (sound of ball hitting) Now, it’s goodbye.

    Farewell, we’re saying goodbye now.
    My love, my precious person.

    As hot as the suns rays,
    you who hugs me.

    While looking at you with brimming eyes, goodbye.
    While smiling brightly, oh~ goodbye.

    Farewell, precious person.
    The beautiful and sparkling you who gives me light.

    Goodbye, my love.
    While looking at you, goodbye.
    While looking at you a little more,