Goodbye, Ok lyrics

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Goodbye, Ok

Yeah, T-ARA It’s back again
Goodbye It`s okay

Your lips keep trembling
Then, I predicted separation
Rain keeps on falling without an end
And my tears follow along and fall

Shaky shaky shaky, my heart is staggering
Flowing flowing flowing, the raindrops hit against me
I will be okay, I will be fine
I won’t know what goodbye is

* Like this, goodbye – goodbye, goodbye
Yes, goodbye, will you just turn away and go?
It hurts so much – I will repay you for everything
Just leave

I won’t say that I will be good
You’re heart already changed
And I’m crying right now
Please don’t go

If only I didn’t know you from the start
This kind of separation wouldn’t come
I guess I better erase your texts now
I need to forget all your memories

Rub dub rub dub rub dub, my trembling heart, goodbye
Tremble tremble tremble, my trembling sadness, goodbye
I will be okay, I will be fine
I won’t know what goodbye is

* repeat

Memories that are only tears
Memories that are only scars
I don’t like love like that
Don’t look for me, don’t call me
Don’t ever search for me, just leave

Eventually, again, I cry, tears come, cry
My heart also cry, it keeps crying

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Goodbye, Ok


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