Goodbye Lover (송인) lyrics

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Goodbye Lover (송인)

You’re so bad- how can you just leave me?
I’m sad, I’m sad- I don’t like it
When my tears dry and I’m all alone
So what would you say if I just followed you?

Time passed and it’s time that I heal but
It hurts and it hurts- the scars form

In that place where you left and linger
Even the miserable traces of my life that remain-

* Take it all- now just leave
I beg for you to leave but why are you smiling inside of me
Why are you torturing me- you know me
I’m a fool and you’re not by my side

I hope you will erase me from above too
I erase and erase but the memories keep smearing
And I can’t take it anymore
So even the last images of your smile-

* repeat

All the past times, our memories
Become pain that digs deeper
Let’s stop now- please let me go

If you loved me, please help me
I try to erase your name so I can get more comfortable
Did you love me that much? Do you still love me?
Let’s meet at the far away place now

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Goodbye Lover (송인)


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