Who Said (누가 그래) lyrics

  1. play_circle_outline Playground
  2. play_circle_outline Smart Love
  3. play_circle_outline Can’t Live Without You
  4. play_circle_outline Come Back To Me
  5. play_circle_outline One
  6. play_circle_outline Quit Playing
  7. play_circle_outline Just A Moment
  8. play_circle_outline Hey Man
  9. play_circle_outline Lights Out
  10. play_circle_outline She’s Mine
  11. play_circle_outline Mysterious Lady
  12. play_circle_outline Cause I Love You
  13. play_circle_outline Sweety Girl
  14. play_circle_outline Party All The Time
  15. play_circle_outline My Reason
  16. play_circle_outline More Painful Than Pain
  17. play_circle_outline Bad Person
  18. play_circle_outline Missing You
  19. play_circle_outline Can’t Breathe
  20. play_circle_outline Standing Still
  21. Alone
  22. play_circle_outline Gangsta Boy
  23. play_circle_outline Sexy Baby
  24. play_circle_outline Time To Go
  25. play_circle_outline Stop Girl
  26. play_circle_outline Cinderella
  27. play_circle_outline TOP THAT
  28. play_circle_outline April Story (4월 이야기)
  29. play_circle_outline Turn Off The Light (불꺼)
  30. play_circle_outline Playground (놀이터)
  31. play_circle_outline Obsession
  32. play_circle_outline Someday
  33. play_circle_outline Quit Playing / Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마)
  34. play_circle_outline Let’s Meet Again (다시 만나요)
  35. play_circle_outline AMAZING
  36. play_circle_outline Snowman (눈사람)
  37. play_circle_outline Come Back To Me (다시 내게로 와줘)
  38. play_circle_outline Tick Tock (Kor. Version)
  39. play_circle_outline Love Is Painful (아픔보다 아픈)
  40. play_circle_outline Just A Moment (잠깐만)
  41. play_circle_outline Te Amo
  42. play_circle_outline Believe
  43. play_circle_outline Neverland
  44. play_circle_outline Love Of A Friend (친구의 사랑)
  45. play_circle_outline Creak (삐걱삐걱)
  46. play_circle_outline ON THE Floor
  47. play_circle_outline Let’s Get
  48. play_circle_outline Who Said (누가 그래)
  49. play_circle_outline She’s Mine (내 여자야)
  50. play_circle_outline Should Have Treated You Better (있을 때 잘 해 줄껄)
  51. play_circle_outline It Must Be Fate (인연인가 봐)
  52. play_circle_outline Lifetime (평생) (For KISS Me)
  53. play_circle_outline Take Me Away
  54. play_circle_outline Can’t Live Without You (너 없이는 안돼)
  55. play_circle_outline Want You Back (돌아와줘)
  56. play_circle_outline 4U (For You)
  57. play_circle_outline DORADORA (돌아돌아)
  58. play_circle_outline One (하나)
  59. play_circle_outline Tell Me Y
  60. play_circle_outline Can’t Even Breathe (숨도 못 쉬어)
  61. play_circle_outline Bad (나쁘다)
  62. play_circle_outline Because I Love You (사랑하니까)
  63. play_circle_outline Baby Don’t Cry
  64. play_circle_outline When Love Stops (사랑이 멈출때)
  65. play_circle_outline It’s Been A Long Time (오랜만이야)
  66. ぼくだけのヒーロー


Who Said (누가 그래)

Hey who was it who told you those stupid things

The first time I wake up in the morning
And you ain’t here next to me
I’m not as easy as you think
Did I look that easy to you?
Where did you hear those weird and useless things?
If you come back right now, it won’t be too late
Hold onto my wrist and whatever anyone says, we’ll keep being in love

Are you listening to what I’m saying?
(Look into my eyes)
Can’t you trust me?
(I try to comfort you)
Don’t erase me from your heart baby
There’s no problem with us girl

Tell me, who said that?
Who said I have another girl?
Why are you crying? I won’t get mad (come on baby)
So tell me who said those things

burn gotta make it burn burn

What I gotta do for you to know it wasn’t me
I’ve been down on my knees for what wasn’t even me
Think about the time when you had a fever
I came straight home from work and laid right beside you

Show me, show me that text, who sent it to you
Where and how did they hear about me?
Misunderstandings are snowballing
It hurts so much that I can’t see the end

You know it’s not true
(I’m going crazy)
How can I make you trust me?
(I told you so many times)
I’m not lying baby (it’s true baby)
I was with you every day girl

You know everything, don’t be shaken
I’m sorry for raising my voice
Lift your head up

Tell me, who said that?
Who said I have another girl?
Why are you crying? I won’t get mad (come on baby)
So tell me who said those things

I’m getting nervous, I’m worried about you
Worried that we’ll grow far apart
Just throw it all away, I won’t get mad (let it burn baby)
So tell me who said those things

burn gotta make it burn burn

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Who Said (누가 그래)


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