White Poem I 歌詞 (lyrics)

  1. play_circle_outline Longing ~togireta melody~ / Longing ~interrupted melody~
  2. play_circle_outline Tears
  3. play_circle_outline Love Replica
  4. play_circle_outline I.V.
  5. play_circle_outline The Last Song
  6. play_circle_outline Rusty Nail
  7. play_circle_outline Blue Blood
  8. play_circle_outline Kurenai / Deep Red
  9. play_circle_outline Crucify My Love
  10. play_circle_outline Say Anything
  11. play_circle_outline Endless Rain
  12. play_circle_outline Silent Jealousy
  13. play_circle_outline Drain
  14. play_circle_outline Art of Life
  15. play_circle_outline Week End
  16. play_circle_outline Easy Fight Rambling
  17. play_circle_outline X (Hymne du groupe)
  18. play_circle_outline Orgasm
  19. play_circle_outline Celebration
  20. play_circle_outline Rose of Pain
  21. play_circle_outline Unfinished
  22. play_circle_outline DAHLIA
  23. play_circle_outline White Poem I
  24. play_circle_outline Scars
  25. play_circle_outline Desperate Angel
  26. play_circle_outline Miscast
  27. play_circle_outline Voiceless Screaming
  28. play_circle_outline Stab Me in the Back
  29. play_circle_outline Joker
  30. play_circle_outline Standing Sex
  31. play_circle_outline Vanishing Love
  32. play_circle_outline Phantom of Guilt
  33. play_circle_outline Sadistic Desire
  34. play_circle_outline Give Me the Pleasure
  35. play_circle_outline I'll Kill You
  36. play_circle_outline Alive
  37. play_circle_outline Un finished...
  38. play_circle_outline X
  39. play_circle_outline White Poem
  40. play_circle_outline Weekend
  41. play_circle_outline Time Trip Loving
  42. play_circle_outline Prologue (World Anthem)
  43. play_circle_outline No Connexion
  44. play_circle_outline Longing
  45. play_circle_outline Kurenai (Jananese Version)
  46. play_circle_outline Kurenai (in album Blue Blood)
  47. play_circle_outline Kurenai (English Version)
  48. play_circle_outline Kurenai
  49. play_circle_outline Forever Love (Acustic version)
  50. play_circle_outline Forever Love
  51. play_circle_outline Evolution
  52. play_circle_outline Dahlia (English Version)
  53. play_circle_outline Celebration Translation
  54. play_circle_outline Break The Darkness
  55. play_circle_outline Blue blood translation
  56. play_circle_outline 20th century boy
  57. play_circle_outline White Poem I
  58. play_circle_outline Voiceless Screaming
  59. play_circle_outline Vanishing Love
  60. play_circle_outline Unfinished
  61. play_circle_outline Un-Finished..
  62. play_circle_outline The Last Song
  63. play_circle_outline Tears
  64. play_circle_outline Standing Sex
  65. play_circle_outline Stab Me In The Back
  66. play_circle_outline Silent Jealousy
  67. play_circle_outline Scars
  68. play_circle_outline Say Anything
  69. play_circle_outline Sadistic Desire
  70. play_circle_outline Rusty Nail
  71. play_circle_outline Rose Of Pain


White Poem I
Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why I feel so blue
Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why I feel so blue
Tell me why
Tell me why I love you
My love for you would break my heart
No No No
No way to change my heart
I still wanna be in the endless blue verse
I feel so blue in this white poem
Love will find the way
This is the line you used to love
Do you still believe that ?
While I'm away, read this line again...
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White Poem I


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