Stab Me In The Back 歌詞 (lyrics)

  1. play_circle_outline Longing ~togireta melody~ / Longing ~interrupted melody~
  2. play_circle_outline Tears
  3. play_circle_outline Love Replica
  4. play_circle_outline I.V.
  5. play_circle_outline The Last Song
  6. play_circle_outline Rusty Nail
  7. play_circle_outline Blue Blood
  8. play_circle_outline Kurenai / Deep Red
  9. play_circle_outline Crucify My Love
  10. play_circle_outline Say Anything
  11. play_circle_outline Endless Rain
  12. play_circle_outline Silent Jealousy
  13. play_circle_outline Drain
  14. play_circle_outline Art of Life
  15. play_circle_outline Week End
  16. play_circle_outline Easy Fight Rambling
  17. play_circle_outline X (Hymne du groupe)
  18. play_circle_outline Orgasm
  19. play_circle_outline Celebration
  20. play_circle_outline Rose of Pain
  21. play_circle_outline Unfinished
  22. play_circle_outline DAHLIA
  23. play_circle_outline White Poem I
  24. play_circle_outline Scars
  25. play_circle_outline Desperate Angel
  26. play_circle_outline Miscast
  27. play_circle_outline Voiceless Screaming
  28. play_circle_outline Stab Me in the Back
  29. play_circle_outline Joker
  30. play_circle_outline Standing Sex
  31. play_circle_outline Vanishing Love
  32. play_circle_outline Phantom of Guilt
  33. play_circle_outline Sadistic Desire
  34. play_circle_outline Give Me the Pleasure
  35. play_circle_outline I'll Kill You
  36. play_circle_outline Alive
  37. play_circle_outline Un finished...
  38. play_circle_outline X
  39. play_circle_outline White Poem
  40. play_circle_outline Weekend
  41. play_circle_outline Time Trip Loving
  42. play_circle_outline Prologue (World Anthem)
  43. play_circle_outline No Connexion
  44. play_circle_outline Longing
  45. play_circle_outline Kurenai (Jananese Version)
  46. play_circle_outline Kurenai (in album Blue Blood)
  47. play_circle_outline Kurenai (English Version)
  48. play_circle_outline Kurenai
  49. play_circle_outline Forever Love (Acustic version)
  50. play_circle_outline Forever Love
  51. play_circle_outline Evolution
  52. play_circle_outline Dahlia (English Version)
  53. play_circle_outline Celebration Translation
  54. play_circle_outline Break The Darkness
  55. play_circle_outline Blue blood translation
  56. play_circle_outline 20th century boy
  57. play_circle_outline White Poem I
  58. play_circle_outline Voiceless Screaming
  59. play_circle_outline Vanishing Love
  60. play_circle_outline Unfinished
  61. play_circle_outline Un-Finished..
  62. play_circle_outline The Last Song
  63. play_circle_outline Tears
  64. play_circle_outline Standing Sex
  65. play_circle_outline Stab Me In The Back
  66. play_circle_outline Silent Jealousy
  67. play_circle_outline Scars
  68. play_circle_outline Say Anything
  69. play_circle_outline Sadistic Desire
  70. play_circle_outline Rusty Nail
  71. play_circle_outline Rose Of Pain


Stab Me In The Back

* I'm having sex
Wishing for six
I'm having sex
Touch me, Make me feel
Knock me out Marry
Get me off Jane
Knock me off Marry
Pet me violently
Can't you give me more to the last?
I can't get enough Take me down
I'm on Junk
I'm getting high
I'm on Junk
Let me go mad
Kiss me off, vamp
Get away, tramp
Kiss me off, vamp
Leave me, Why don't you
Can't you give me more? Do or Die
I can't be satisfied
I can't take this life
Stab me in the back
I can't take my life
Stab me in the back
* * Wipe out my lofe "Bask in blood"
Dripping from your heart
Destroy this world "Drive me mad"
Don't need nothing in my life
Wipe out my life "Bask in blood"
Dripping from your heart
Destroy this world "Drive me mad"
O.D.on sex
Can't you give me more? Do or Die
I can't be satisfied
* *
Stab me in the back

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Stab Me In The Back


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